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About UnionComplaint

Serving Employees Across Ontario.

How We Help Non-Union Employees

We are committed to protecting hard-working employees when faced with employment disputes. We can assist employees throughout Ontario in many areas of employment law.  This includes dismissal disputes, contractual disputes, harassment, and discrimination/human rights disputes and Employment Standards Act workplace disputes.

If you believe that your employer is violating the law or trying to take advantage of you, please fill out our consultation form to learn more about how we can help you.


How We Help Unionized Employees

Do you have a dispute with your employer and has your union failed to adequately represent your interests?  This is where UnionComplaint can help.   We assist unionized employees in seeking justice when their unions let them down.  The professionals at UnionComplaint are experienced and skilled at assisting unionized employees take steps to get their union back on their side.

If you have filed a grievance and it is going nowhere, contact UnionComplaint.

If you have a claim against your employer and your union is not taking action to assist you, contact UnionComplaint.

If you are in a grievance process and you no longer trust that your union is acting in your best interests, contact UnionComplaint.


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